ICETEAM P3 Soft Serve Machine

ICETEAM P3 Soft Serve Machine

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ICETEAM - P3 Soft Serve Machine 

We Offer Frozen Yogurt Machines & Soft Serve Machines for Sale In Australia and New Zealand

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the ICETEAM P3 offers the superior quality and high performance you'd expect from a commercial machine. A very powerful and efficient countertop frozen yogurt machine that you can purchase online easily for your business

Short time required to initially produce mix as well as a prompt turnaround time in between each serving of frozen yogurt.

Easily adjustable consistency with the press of a button - consistency scale range up to 120.

Purchase our commercial pump frozen yogurt machines online or call us

Features & Benefits:

Easy to operate the unit with digital display and controls

Easy cleaning with minimum downtime

Automatic cabinet defrost to avoid ice accumulation

High-efficiency Peristaltic pump gives high increase in volume

The pump is easy to assemble and reduces all consumptions: It only works when you need it!

Direct expansion optimises refrigeration to both product and energy wasting

Smart ventilation to rationalise footprint and installation distances

Hot cleaning quick & simple

Cleaning is simple due to the reduced number of parts

Overrun adjustment to modify the amount of air in the product

2 pumps: 2 flavours and combine the two to get an awesome twist

Electronic data logging of servings

Digital control panel

Multilingual Display

Capacity up to 30kg/hour

Hopper capacity 2x5L

13 months warranty


Width: 55cm

Depth: 78cm 

Height: 92.5cm

Weight: 98kg

Plug: 15 Amp Single Phase power supply

Electrical Supply: 230V 50Hz

Power Output: 2500W