Creating the Perfect Slushie

How to make the perfect Slushie?

These are the 3 most important must know tips in creating the perfect Slushie! 

Whether you call it slushie, slush, slushy, slushee, slurpee, slush puppy, granita or frozen daiquiri, this frozen beverage is a winner for all - including young and old. 

There are a number of different slushie mixes out there, we highly recommend using the Fruchilla and Fruchilla Natural ranges as they are made with the highest quality ingredients as well as having great flavours which keep you coming back for more slushies!!

To check out what flavours are available, check out the full ranges; 

Fruchilla (Traditional and Cocktail Range)

Fruchilla Natural (99% Fruit Juice Range)

Making Slush

How to make perfect Slushie? We want to share with you the three top tips on how to create the perfect slush.

The first thing you need to know is about the Brix level. The Brix level is the sugar level. 

If the sugar level is too high the mix won't freeze because the sugar acts as an antifreeze.

If the sugar level is too low the machine will over freeze this is the same as adding straight water into the machine, it will over freeze to become a solid ice block doing damage to either the auger spiral or the gearbox whichever gives way first. The optimal Brix level is between 12 -14%. 

To find the brix level, you will need to use a refractometer, the range that is commonly used for slushies is the 0-32% Brix Refractometer.

The next tip is to use a high quality mix we recommend a 5 to 1 ratio, meaning adding 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water. The mix that we have here is the Fruchilla and Fruchilla Natural ranges. They have been designed with premium quality ingredients to create the most delicious flavours while going further than the 3 and 4 to 1 mixes. 

At icm8 we supply easy mixing calibration bottles to ensure that you and your staff create the same great consistent mix every time. Making sure this is bang on every time is essential!

The third tip is the density setting, this should be set low we want to allow the product to be a loose frozen consistency we don't want high peaks because the thicker the mix is the longer it takes to come out of the machine and the flavour is not as intense. 

Perfect Slushie Summary

So to recap the three most important tips in making the perfect slushie is to have;

  1. The right Brix level
  2. Quality mix 
  3. The right Density settings

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