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Slushies are to Aussies synonymous to Summer. Running down to the local gas station with our pocket money. Do you go for cola or strawberry? How far is too far and the brain freeze sets in?

The Slushie Specialists carried the passion for a great slushie into adulthood and became one of the country’s leaders in slushie machines, parts, and maintenance in the process. If you’re looking for great parts for keeping your Icetro slushie machine running, you’ve come to the right place.

Why buy your Icetro Slush Machine parts from The Slushie Specialists?

SSM52 Icetro Mini 5L Slush Machine   SSM280 Icetro 2 Bowl Slush Machine   ICETRO SSM420

If you’re in the market for a slushie machine, or the parts to maintain one, chances are you – like us – know the joys of a great slushie. Chuck in some tequila or keep it non-alcoholic; nothing cools down a hot crowd outside on a sweltering summer day, or inside a busy party venue like an ice cold slushie.

Our passion for slushie machines has cemented us as one of the countrywide leaders of parts, machines, and accessories. We also have an extensive repairs and maintenance knowhow to match. With us you can order the parts you need quickly, and have them shipped to you Australia-wide, or you can reach out to our knowledgeable team about your needs, and we’ll work with you to find the best fit for you. We also provide machine maintenance and repairs in our Melbourne warehouse.

Our other products

We not only sell machine parts for your Icetro slushie maker, but also sell a range of other products to go along with it. These include:

Get your Icetro slushie machine running smoothly

Whether you’re looking to buy your first-ever machine, and you’ve set your eyes on this Korean-made model, or you’re in the market for spare parts to repair an existing slushie machine, we’re here to help you. Call us today on 1300 175 874 or send us a line through our online contact form.

We have various parts to suit models such as: GL2012, SSM52, SSM180, SSM280, SSM420, ASM52, ASM180, ASM280, ASM420, Jet Ice Slush Machine, ICETRO

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