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Here you will find a range of CAB Parts

There are a variety of CAB Machines available. The brands, models, colours and styles may vary in different areas. 

To see all the parts for your style machine click on the picture of the model that looks most similar to yours

CAB Skyline Slushie Machine CAB Faby Slushie Machine 10L CAB Caress Slushie Machine Missofty Parts CAB Luke Drink Dispenser 

Including spare parts for the following CAB Spa machines below;

Some names or brands the CAB Slushie Machine Models are also known by include; CAB Faby, CAB New FABY, FABY 2, New Faby, Skyline, Caress, Missofty, Essential Slush, Eskimo Jo. The CAB Drink Dispensers or CAB Juice Machines such as the CAB Luke


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