Healthy Slushies

Are Slushies bad for you?

In short, not all slushies are the same, some are a sugar based which should be enjoyed in moderation, where as other recipes are Fruit Juice- these are better for you. Fruit Juice slushies have a natural sugar in fructose, it is the equivalent of having actual fruit.  

We have done extensive research about the benefits of slushies, especially with athlete hydration.

Healthy Slushies Poolside

To slush or not to slush?

Having a slushie is a fun pastime that should be enjoyed by all - both young and old. Whether it brings back memories or create new ones, it is always better with over a Slushie!

Are Slushies Healthy?

Some Slushies are healthier than others, especially the fruit juice slushies. Fruchilla Natural is a popular fruit juice Slushie range as the mixes are 99% Fruit Juice with No Added Sugars, All Natural Flavours and Colours, Low GI, Zero Fat, Zero Cholestrol and Extra Added Vitamin C. 

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