New YouTube Channel Launch

Are The Slushie Specialists on YouTube? 

Yes!  We are excited to announce the launch of The Slushie Specialists YouTube channel which is now available! 

Here is a place that you will find plenty of content on everything slush, including information on the latest slushie machines, mixes, troubleshooting and advice. 

Make sure you subscribe to our channel to ensure you are up to date with latest videos. 

Is it Slushie or Slushy?

Whether you call it slush, slushie, slushy or slushee, ultimately alls these terms relate to the same yummy product. We know it as Slushie because we think it looks and sounds best that way. The Slushie Specialists.

Other names for Slushie?

Some other people also know slushies as slurpee, slush puppy, icee, frozen drink, slush puppie, margarita, daiquiri, frappe, flavoured iced and many other terms. What ever you call it, be assured that we are here to assist you with all your frozen beverage needs. 

Slushie Near Me

Need someone to assist you nearby with your slushie requirements? We have many contacts to help. We are set up to assist you with any of your slushie or slushie machine needs as we service customers worldwide. So reach out and let us know how we can best assist you. 

The Slushie Specialists are now on YouTube ready to provide you with knowledge and advice to be as much help to you as we can. Our goal is to provide support and add value to you or your business.

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