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There are many reasons to buy a new soft serve ice cream machine online for your business. A new sweet and refreshingly cold treat is sure to draw the crowds and be a hit with people of all walks of life, especially in warm weather. Here at The Slushie Specialists, we offer soft serve ice cream machine for sale to commercial businesses looking to add that competitive advantage to their range of product offerings. We believe our selected machine is one of the best available in the market that will help propel your business and produce high profit margins in the long run.

European design soft serve ice cream machine for sale here in Australia

Iceteam are the world leaders when it comes to soft-serve machines. This countertop machine offers efficiency and produces superior quality soft serve ice cream in a very short amount of time. In addition, this soft serve machine can serve a generous 85g portion consistency in intervals of 20 seconds, so every single customer need not wait long in line to buy their frozen dessert.

In addition to soft-serve machine, we also offer commercial food-grade lubricant for sale. To ensure your soft serve machine runs smoothly all year round, you will require Haynes Lubri-Film Plus. This quality lubricant helps to prevent excess wearing of seals in your soft serve ice cream machine and is effective in preventing valves from sticking in extreme temperatures. Besides maintaining your soft serve machine in top condition, this versatile silicon grease lubricant can also be used for re-lubing slushie machines, yogurt machines, meat slicers and coffee machines. 

Click on each product below to view their specifications online. We also have a frozen yoghurt machine that can dispense soft ice creams and tasty alcohol-based desserts.

Purchase a quality soft serve machine online from us

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a great deal. Regardless of your business or commercial establishment, we can also help make appropriate machine purchase suggestions that will best suit your needs. Call 1300 175 874 today to learn more about shipping in Australia or drop us an email online and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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