Which Slush Machine?

Whether you call it slush, slushie, slushee, slushy, slurpie, slurpy, frozen daiquiri, frozen margarita or something else, these machines come in many different shapes and sizes in a variety of makes and models.

Need help finding your Slushie Machine? Or wanting to find out which best Slushie Machine will suit your needs?

Check out our Slushie Machine guide below. If you require further assistance please contact us direct so we can help you out.

Scroll over the Slushie Machine to find the model name, click on the machine to go directly to that particular Slushie Machine Spare Parts Page.


Arctic Dream BRAS Giant BRAS FBM / GL / MT BRAS Quark BUNN Ultra CAB Caress CAB Faby CAB Skyline Carpigiani GB Model Chinese - CIHAN / XRJ / Cocktail Masters Chinese - Easycool / Polycool / XRJ Donper XC224 / Polycool PRSL / Old Snowflow Chinese - My Granita / Fabigani Chinese - Sumstar / T312 Chinese - T311 Chinese - Wellquip / Mini Marg / XC212 Cofrimell Oasis Elmeco Big Biz / BB Elcor Grani GBG Granitime GBG GT PP GNW / Push Pull Hosk Budget Icetro SSM52 Icetro SSM180 / SSM280 / SSM420 Promek Penguin Carpigiani Horeca / Sencotel GHZ GBG Granisun GHZ Style GBG Granisun PP Spin Style SPM Ice Peak / Cornelius / Polar Krush / Ice Dream SPM i-Pro / Fanta Machine / Frozen Coke Machine