GBG Sencotel Auger/Spiral Black GT & GHZ- GT16B

GBG Sencotel Auger/Spiral Black GT & GHZ- GT16B

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Auger Spiral Black GBG GT - Carpigiani Sencotel GHZ - GT16B

Part used in the most GBG Granitime Pull Tap Handles, Sencotel & Arctic Dream models. 

Auger to suit Shaft diameter 12mm
Note: Half of the tip measuring 12 mm has a half cut out appearance to ensure correct fitting with the auger spiral tip.  

As you will see in the product images, there are 2 different styles of this auger (older and newer), both of them fit the GBG Slushie Machine. Currently, the newer style has 2 bars on either side which provides better strength and durability to the auger. The other noticeable difference is the nose or point that sit in the retainer in the front of the tank. So far we found it makes not difference to the functioning of the auger. The older style is no longer in production.
See photo if unsure or call us on 1300 175 874   

The Auger Spiral is used to shave the ice off the evaporator (silver drum) as it rotates.

Always ensure the correct mix is used and we always recommend a 5 to 1 concentrate as they are the best and the most reliable.  

Position Number in Exploded Diagram: 16
Manufacturer Part Number: SL142021336
SKU: 1707320588