CAB Skyline Elite 3 - Triple Bowl Slushie Machine

CAB Skyline Elite 3 - Triple Bowl Slushie Machine

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CAB Skyline Elite - Triple Bowl Slushie Machine  

This machine is a multi-function slush machine with unique increased performance within the market. It allows you to produce and dispense products such as slush, cream, yogurt, sherbets and alcohol-based products, significantly reducing waiting time with low energy consumption.

Thanks to an exclusive design that uses a very high-performance cooling system, the CAB Skyline Elite has amazing performance even in conditions of extreme temperature. 

Electromechanical system which makes the machine reliable at any temperature Large compressor for express freezing  Wide ventilation produces better airflow and faster freezing

Waiting times reduced to the minimum even in extreme conditions Low power consumption thanks to the chosen design

Patented LED lighting system in the back of the tank that highlights the product and illuminates the cover

Opportunity to fill the tanks quickly thanks to the absence of electric wires in the cover Protection of the switches through the side door

Night-mode operation which allows storage of the product with very low energy consumption Easy to use, clean and maintain

Easy to customise front decal insert Single Thermostat on Tank #1 (Closest to the switches- Tank on Right hand Side)

Specification Volume Size: 3 x 10L

Colour: Black

Gas Type: R404a

Power (Watts): 1100

Manufactured: Italy 

Machine Dimensions:  Width: 62 cm Depth: 48 cm Height: 80 cm

Weight: 75 kg  

SKU: 1202000324

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