Chocolady 5L

Chocolady 5L

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GBG Chocolady machines have been designed to heat and mix any kind of drink such as tea, coffee, milk or chocolate in a special way that ensures its smoothness and thickness

Features & Benefits

  • Thermostat for adjusting temperature as required
  • New product bowl that can be removed quickly
  • Continuous stirring maintains a perfect, lump-free consistency
  • 'Bain-marie' heating of product prevents burning
  • Large drip tray with water level gauge and a hot water tank with easy emptying process
  • Stainless steel boiler with thermal insulation
  • Special anti-clogging tap
  • Non-slip feet

Diameter: 26cm

Height: 47cm

Weight 8kg

Power requirements: 240V 50Hz 10Amp

Power consumption: 1000W

Capacity: 5L