Elco No 2 Sacrificial Gear - 100 Pack

Elco No 2 Sacrificial Gear - 100 Pack

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Elco No 2 Sacrificial Gear (#2)  - Pack of 100

The Elco gearbox is commonly used in the following machines; GBG, Carpigiani, Sencotel, Arctic Dream, Stoelting, Elmeco Mach model only, CAB, SPM and more... The main reason this gear breaks or wears out is due to the wrong Brix level (Bad quality slush mix or over freezing) We always recommend 5-1 ratio mixes (Not cheaper 4-1 mixes)  

Part number: SL3MS4M106A & ZZ.ZZ0002.001
SKU: 3409002002
Colour: White
Material: Hardened Plastic
Position Number in Exploded Diagram: 2

Measurements (approx)
Plastic cog ø 49.5mm (64 teeth)
Metal cog ø 17mm (15 teeth)
Bearings  ø 13mm (top and bottom)
Outer Cog Thickness ≈ 6mm
Height / Total Gear Thickness (Bearing to Bearing) ≈ 26.5mm

If you have an issue with your gearbox, it is generally this particular gear that requires attention. Known as #2 or the sacrificial gear, sometimes the #1 gear can be worn and it is very important to fix all components before using it. For free advice regarding repairs and servicing your gear motor(gearbox) please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 175 874.