Icetro Auger Spiral (Old Style) with Steel Bar - Used

Icetro Auger Spiral (Old Style) with Steel Bar - Used

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Icetro Auger Spiral - Older Style with Steel Bar  

We have limited stock of this auger, as the supplier have released a newer more efficient auger which has a double paddle at the front to assist in the mixing process, as well as having a double support arms down both sides for additional durability. 

This auger shaves ice off of the silver drum to create the icy drink we know as a Slushie.      

Manufacturer Product Code: 326005201 
SKU: 1907326053 
Material: Hard Plastic & Steel Bar 
Colour: White
Length: 330mm
Weight: 150g
Condition: Pre-Loved

Please note: This part is no longer in production. Once these sell out, we won't be able to get any more of this style