Icetro Shaft Bushing Outer Black

Icetro Shaft Bushing Outer Black

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Icetro Outer Shaft Bushing (Black) - Replacement for Red Bushing

Outer Shaft Bushing prevents liquid flowing back through shaft, while still allowing shaft to freely rotate. There is a spring located inside the bushing to maintain shape and durability.

Used together with the Icetro Shaft Bushing White (Inner) and Icetro Auger Seal Version A (Shallow).
Can be used instead of the Icetro Shaft Bushing Outer Red and Icetro Shaft Bushing Brown 
See image of description of placement.

This part can be purchased in a Complete Bushing Kit here.

This product is also known as a Vinton Seal, Evaporator O-ring Vinton Seal, Outer Bushing, Outer Shaft Support Redenar.

Manufacturer Part Numbers: 379000100, 379000101
SKU: 1904379002
Material: Rubber with Metal Spring
Colour: Black

Parts to suit models such as: GL2012, SSM52, SSM180, SSM280, SSM420, ASM52, ASM180, ASM280, ASM420, Jet Ice Slush Machine, ICETRO