Scotsman Gourmet ECM107AS - Med Cube 51kg/day [PRE-ORDER]

Scotsman Gourmet ECM107AS - Med Cube 51kg/day [PRE-ORDER]

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Scotsman Gourmet ECM107AS - Med Cube 51kg/day

The ECM107AS under counter ice machine produces up to 51kg of medium cube ice per day.
It’s huge 23kg storage bin ensures you have plenty of ice ready to go when service starts and the included drain pump makes for flexibility in installation.   

Some of the key features include: 
• PWD-Progressive water discharge: pumps excess residual water up to a distance up to 15 meters
• Agion Technology: resists the growth of microbes and the development of unpleasant odours
• Air-cooled version
• Individual transparent Gourmet crystal clear supercubes
• EcoX: the use of hydrocarbon R290 refrigerant gas.
• 23kg Storage Bin Capacity.
• Horizontal ice evaporator spray-system technology

***Maximum production 51kg/day***

Dimensions: W 531mm D 600mm H 939mm (including legs) Weight: 56kg

Electrical requirements: 230/240V  50Hz 580W 10A

Cube size: M = Medium gourmet cube 20g - Ø 30mm x H 34mm