Bearing 626ZZ NSK - 5 Pack

Bearing 626ZZ NSK - 5 Pack

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Bearing 626ZZ NSK - 5 Pack 

Highest Quality Bearing, authentic Japanese designed and manufactured by NSK High Temperature Grease, for longer lasting durability Deep Groove Single Row Ball Bearings. Deep Groove ball bearings mainly take radial load as well as moderate axial load.  With less coefficient of friction, less vibration and noise. Closed with Metal Shields to protect the bearings from dust or possible contamination.  The 626zz bearing is commonly used within the Elco Gearbox/Gearmotor on many Slushie Machines It is always best to replace this bearings when-ever servicing or repairing machines   Commonly used for Small Motors, Automobile & Household Applications applications, Wheel Bearings, 3D Printers Reprap and much much more.  

NSK Manufacturer Part number: 626ZZ
SKU: 5009800626
Outer Diameter: 18mm
Inner Diameter: 6mm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight: 8g

NOTE: Bearings are individually wrapped and boxed.  Made in Japan by NSK

NSK Ltd. is one of the most prominent manufacturers of bearings globally and the largest in Japan.