BRAS B-Cream HD 2
BRAS B-Cream HD 2

BRAS B-Cream HD 2

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BRAS B-Cream HD 2

B-Cream HD 2 is a single-bowl machine for preparing smoothies and soft ice cream. Extremely compact and easy to use, it is available with 6L capacity bowls.
With its innovative design, it enhances bar or coffee shops by offering new emotions and improving business.
Energy-saving design that produces less condensation with the double-walled tank.

Capacity: 12L (2 x 6L)
Width: 40cm
Depth: 50cm
Height: 60cm
Machine Weight: 47kg
Gross Weight (with Packaging): 51kg
Power: 1100W

- Tilted bowl for easy emptying
- Backlit Display
- Water drip collection
- Bowl cover unlock push button
- Bowl de-frosting system
- Bowl locking system
- New graphic display
- Noise level lower than 70 dB (A)
- R290: equipped with ATEX electrical components