Bushing for Shaft - Style C - Carpigiani

Bushing for Shaft - Style C - Carpigiani

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Bushing for Shaft Style C - Suits Carpigiani Slushie Machine

These bushings were specifically made for the Carpigiani Machines as they have 2 teeth on the rear to sit inside where it supports the shaft. The 2 teeth allow the shaft bushing to slot into place and prevent movement of both the seal in the shaft.  

Shaft Bushings- Style C

The Shaft Bushing Style C has 2 red O-rings on it. Always ensure you lubricate the watertight auger seal after regular cleaning and maintenance.  
This is the model which comes with 2 rubber O-rings on the bushing seal. This seal should prevent liquids from entering the inside of the barrel. 
This product must go along with the Rubber Auger Seal - Style B 

HOWEVER - We ALWAYS recommend upgrading to the Original Auger Seal & Original Shaft Bushing as they usually can last 4 times longer. P1 - PM Shaft & Auger Seal Kit - Double Bowl


Manufacturer Part Numbers: SL340001650, SL300951752L     
SKU: 1704341651
Position Number: GT30C
Recommended Lifespane: 6 Months