Elcor Gear Box Upgrade Kit

Elcor Gear Box Upgrade Kit

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Elcor Gear Box Upgrade Kit  

This kit replaces the 90° elbow right angle rear drive.    

The kit contains:
1 x Metal rear mounting bracket
2 x Metal side retainer bracket for gearbox
1 x Metal cog with shaft (Drive Shaft Gear)
1 x Plastic Cog
1 x Axial Fan with Mounting and Plug
1 x Wiring Connection Plug with capacitor
1 x Black Cable 
1 x Rear White Plastic gear motor cover  

Remove old components and follow video to set up new improved system.  

Elcor Grani Upgrade Part 1
Elcor Grani Upgrade Part 2   

Part Number: 1509000001 
SKU: 1509000001


Note: The old style is no longer available