Evaporator Cap Front Internal Probe Kit

Evaporator Cap Front Internal Probe Kit

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Cap Front Evaporator Internal Probe Kit

This kit includes 3 pieces;
- Front Evap Cap
- O-Ring for Evap Cap
- Metal V Clip for probe

This part screws into the front of the evaporator (drum) to suit GBG, Carpigiani, Sencotel Slushie Machines. 
All the new evaporators now come suitable to support digital probes and temperature monitors.
Therefore, the hole found in the front requires this cap, o-ring and a metal clip to hold the temperature probe.  

Suits GS/GT/GHZ 1/2/3

Manufacturer Part Number: SL310005967
SKU: 1317315967
Colour: White with Red o-ring
Material: Plastic with silicon o-ring
Includes: Metal clip