GBG Granitime GT3FF PP Triple Bowl Slushie Machine

GBG Granitime GT3FF PP Triple Bowl Slushie Machine

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GBG Granitime PP 3 Bowl Machine - Fast Freeze Model Triple Bowl Machine

GBG Granitime GT3 Fast Freeze with Push Pull style handle - Single Bowl Slushie Machine

This machine is one of the latest Slush Machine with improved performance and simple use. It allows you to produce and dispense products such as Slush, Slushie, frappe and alcohol-based products, with reducing waiting time and low energy consumption.    

Enlarged refrigeration capacity 12L tanks/bowls

Highest level of performance in the more challenging environments

New style Push Pull taps preventing product pour issues

Thorough and continuous product mixing LED lighting that highlights the product and illuminates the cover

Auto refiller available for this model at an extra expense(refills tanks quickly and automatically)

Switch Protection covers

Night-mode operation which allows storage of the product with very low energy consumption and a quick refreeze Simple operation 

Brushed stainless steel body built strong and easy to clean

Extremely reliable machine with no silly electronics that can causes expensive repairs in the future.

Capacity: 3 x 12L  Colour: Black / Stainless Steel
Gas Type: R404a Power (Watts): 1200 Power Required: 10Amp  
Dimensions  W: 60 cm D: 48 cm H: 84 cm Weight: 70 kg    

Double and Triple bowl machines also available

Training & Marketing and easy systems provided free of charge.

Full range of Slushie beverages available including; 99% Fruit Juice, Iced Coffee and Chocolate Frappe, Premium Sugar Based and Cocktail range.

Slushie machines require mixes with the correct Brix level to work properly. Never test with water. 

Large 36L capacity  

Reliable European-made machine

Independent bowl operation

Chill and freeze settings  

New design 'Push Pull' style handle Easy to clean and simple to use Stainless steel panels