Parker Solenoid Coil 230v/50.60hz W4.5

Parker Solenoid Coil 230v/50.60hz W4.5

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Parker Solenoid Coil  

Used in Slushie and coffee machine and much more.  

We use authentic Parker coils, all which are of the highest quality.

Should you need any assistance in confirming your problem please call for our free advice.

Should you need advice or instructions on swapping your faulty coil please add a message to the notes in your order and we will supply it for free.  

Manufacturer Part Number:  304262 WB4.5 6W
Position Number in Exploded Diagram: GT61
SKU:  1708304262    
To suit post size: 10mm Height: 30.6mm Width: 22mm Depth: 32.5mm 3
Flat Spade size: 6.35mm
GBG - SL300951342 SL38EAE48GL GT61 Elcor - 027 or 01027 CEME - B4 1W7 1W7/R Type 588 5935TE1.5 S04 (usually interchangeable) BRAS / Ugolini -  Part #3

WB4.5 6W   220 - 230v   50 - 60hz 0 - 10 bar > 10 bar 100%ED IP65