Taylor Food Grade Lube x 3 Blue tubes

Taylor Food Grade Lube x 3 Blue tubes

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Taylor Food Grade Lube - Blue Heavy Duty Sanitary Slushie Machine Lubricant

Size: 3 x 113g / 4oz
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Food Grade Sanitary Lubricant (The Blue Lube) 3 x Net weight 113g (4oz).

It is a food grade lube made for the food service industry to lubricate food processing equipment. This food grade petroleum lubricant is non toxic and contains no hazardous ingredients. It's transparent, odourless, and is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) listed.  For use on Slushie Machines, Soft-serve Machines and Yoghurt Machines.

We recommend applying the Taylor Lube to certain seals, mainly where the movement occurs. For example with Slushie machines, the bell seal which is connected to the auger/spiral (when you apply the lube to this seal it will prevent product getting inside the machine and will ensure smooth constant rotating of the auger).

When regularly using this product, it will increase the longevity of your machine, thus saving you money in the long run (as constant repairs can be avoided). It provides protection against wear and tear, friction, corrosion, oxidation and also creates a small amount of water resistance for various food processing machines.  

The blue tube (Taylor Lube) is the of a very high quality although it is not recommended for heat treatment. In our many years of dealing with this product is has worked for us perfectly every time. It does not dry out, gum-up, become gooey or sticky.

Our Recommendation would be to use the Haynes Lubri-Film Brand as it is, without a doubt, truly the BEST Food Grade lubricant on the market!!!