USK Long Shaft Gearbox 230v

USK Long Shaft Gearbox 230v

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TSS Long Shaft Gearbox 230v

Long shaft gearbox to suit GBG Style Slushie Machine.

Code Number: USK-6402E-GBG
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50Hz
Connection: 3 Spades

Shaft Length Extruding from Casing (from Gear No 4): Approx 35mm
Distance from Rear of casing to end of shaft: 84mm

Made in Korea

Note: you will need to use the original plug socket (and slip the spades into the correct position) 
Please contact us if you require an additional plug (for it to be ready to fit)

Other Models that this gearbox may work for include (but not limited to); Arctic Dream, Carpigiani, GBG, Sencotel, Spin, Granisun, Granitime, GHZ and Carpigiani Horeca