Vision 4 - Continuous Churning Gelato Machine & Display

Vision 4 - Continuous Churning Gelato Machine & Display

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Vision 4 - Continuous Churning Gelato Machine & Display

Vision is the ideal solution to produce and sell fresh gelato all day long, a great show for the customers!

The ideal choice to make gelaterias, kiosks and gelato corners in small spaces.

The continuous churning process allows to maintain the perfect product structure, directly in the batch freezer cylinder.

All models are multiples of the single cylinder machine. All functions of each cylinder are completely independent.

The mix refill function allows to refill the cylinder with fresh liquid mix, adding also ingredients such as fruit, chocolate and grains any time.

* Auto Pasteurizing (HT): the night time pasteurization cycle extends the hygenic safety period to 42 days. It also helps obtaining the optimal texture of the product for a longer time.


  • Continuous churning and mix refill
  • 59 personalized recipes for every cylinder
  • Night mode
  • Inverter: it adjusts the motor speed to better control the gelato consistency
  • App for the remote control of the machine
  • Counter ice-protection system

IDEAL for:
Open Gelatias, Kiosks, restaurants, bars, coffee shops & gelato corners in small spaces
The best gelato is freshly churned. Up to now only gelato makers had the chance to taste it that way!
With continuous churning this privilege is finally available to everyone.
Vision can produce, gelato, sorbet, yogurt, granita and more.
The machine works even with a small amount of gelato, thus reducing wastage to the minimum
The electric power required is extremely low (0.75 kW / cylinder) with considerable reduction in energy consumption 

The Vision 4 allows to freeze mixes of gelato or sorbet, by combining cooling and stirring, until the typical semi-solid consistency of a traditional gelato is reached. Besides, the machine is able to maintain the product structure for an indefinite time, directly in the batch freezer cylinder.

Technical Specs

Qty per cycle - Mix Processed: 1.5-2.5kg
Qty per cycle - Gelato Produced: 3-5L
Production -  24kg/h
Electric Power: 220/230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Installed Power: 1.5 kW
Dimensions (W x D x H): 71.5cm x 62cm x 95.5cm TBC
Net Weight: 138kg
Package Dimensions (W x D x H): 48cm x 66cm x 118cm